7 Stellar Shots You Ought To Have For Wedding Photography Ideas

Wedding Photography Ideas are so broad and composed of many lists to keep tab at. Let’s start with Photo shot list, it is an outline of the photos you’d like your photographer to take during your wedding, usually listing the people you want to have formal portraits taken with. While many couples opt to leave this task to the very last minute (and some even forget to send this list to their photographers!), we highly recommend getting this done before your wedding weekend. Here, we share why you should give this pre-wedding to-do some serious thought.

When choosing and hiring a wedding photographer it shouldn’t all come down to their work and how good they are technically. You could hire the best wedding photographer in the world yet if you don’t feel very relaxed around them or at ease it’ll be reflected in your photos and you won’t look or feel very natural. It’s always important to have the same “vibe” with your photographer and have this connection to come up with a more relaxed, natural, and passionate photos.  

Next is having the same taste and style. Wedding photographers have different styles on how they catch their “best” shots. Find a style that you both like that reflects the theme of your day. Find a photographer that edits their photos in a style that you love to create fun and natural images that reflect you both. Never be too shy to share and express what you feel.  

Shots for Prenup and Wedding

Nowadays, Prenups and Wedding Photography Philippines have leaped the traditional standing and posing at a studio to taking cheesy portraits on your family porch. Themes and gimmicks in the shoot had been the latest trend in wedding photography.

To review some, we handpicked at least seven of the cutest creatively-themed shoots that couples use to show off their personalities.

1. Movie/ Series Themed Photos
- This is common for motion-picture fan couple. They usually decide to recreate a few of their favorite scenes from the film

2. Adventure/Sports Themed Photos
- For sporty, athletic, gym buff or fitness enthusiast couples, need I say more?

3. Sexy Swimming Pool/Beach Themed Photos
- Spicing up the game a little bit. This calls for Cosmopolitan, FHM, or Esquire for a sexy and sensual shoot of you and your partner. 

4. Local Cafe/Pub
- When you both really love beer, liquor, or you take your coffee seriously a trip to the brewery or coffee shop is a must.

5. Natural Habitat 
- Perfect for “Netflix and Chill” type of couple. Doesn’t mind anything else in the world but a cozy room and a soft bed.

6. Vogue Themed

- Sophistication, Vintage, Fashion,  and a little bit of drama in peeking childhood aspirations in becoming a model unleashing those stylish and edgy poses.   

7. Destination Themed
- Its a dream for many couples to visit countries and make a part of their vows with a feeling of intimacy in the air. Destination weddings are often small and attended by a cherished group of people. This also immersing yourself in the culture in the very location you are in.

Whatever type of couple you are, you ought to have that theme, photoshoot list, and trusted  Best Wedding Photographer in Manila. 

All of these are carried by Thinking Chair Studios. They always have this bond and connection with their clients and they work so naturally that you feel comfortable around them and you will be able to express your passion and love with your partner without having the sense of awkwardness. They will make you feel like you are the only people in that certain area and they can just capture those moments in every angle possible with their innovative skills and top of the line equipment and lenses.  

Key takeaway 

Looking for the best wedding photographer is not the easiest thing to do. It’s not always on who’s the most popular or the most fancied studio, but rather find what suits your personalities and ideas. Ensure you pick a wedding photographer that you love, someone you trust and someone you know will capture the day how you want it captured.  


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