Best Places for Your Prenup Photoshoot in the Philippines

These days in the Philippines, prenup photoshoots are all the rage since it’s a great way to commemorate a wedding - one of the most important events in the lives of two people. Another reason why prenup photoshoots are trending nowadays is that couples have free reign on which concept, idea, and location they can shoot their prenup photos is. The saying “the sky’s the limit” is applicable for prenup photos. 

However, one of the problems for most engaged couples is that they do not know the BEST locations on where to shoot their prenup photoshoots in. Fortunately for Filipinos, the Philippines has a plethora of locations where you SHOULD shoot your prenups in. Here’s the list and take a peek at our shoots in these locations.


In the heart of Laguna, there is a well-planned, innovative area that acts as a residential, commercial, and recreational complex that has everything that a person (or a couple) needs. Whatever you need, it’s in Nuvali - from adrenaline-filled activities, food establishments, etc. So, it makes sense for engaged couples to hold their prenup photoshoot in this paradise just outside of the Metro. Do you know the best part of Nuvali? It’s land that has 2,290 hectares that’s both sustainable and environmentally-friendly. So, if you’re environmentally-conscious, find out why Nuvali is a place where humanity and the environment work harmoniously. 


Bohol - widely known as an island in the Philippines that contains luscious forests and is a paradise for its natural beauty. Although Bohol is known for its forests and sceneries, Bohol is also famous for its beaches. This is why it’s also one of the best places for engaged couples to have their prenup photoshoots. The white-sand beaches, the calm ocean, and the overall relaxing and peaceful ambiance, Bohol is your place to be for your prenup photoshoot. 

As JP and Karen portrayed in the photo, you can use the contrasting colors of your outfits to form a beautiful and creative shot in Bohol’s white beaches. This does not only create a more scenic photo, but it also fills it with passion and emotion that you’ll feel every time you look at the results.


Pampanga is one of the least likely places to have your prenup photoshoot in the Philippines. However, LJ and Dean came to us with an idea that got our creative juices flowing on the question “how can we make this photoshoot the perfect one for LJ and Dean?” and here’s our statement and our full story on the shoot at Pampanga with their 4x4 truck:

“It really got us excited when LJ and Dean told us that they wanted their prenup to be done in Pampanga with their 4x4 truck. Our imagination is running wild with the ideas that we can think of. 

We always want to capture our couples in their happiest and show their lifestyle in our pre wedding shoots. With LJ and Dean it made everything a lot easier. They were so natural and all we did was point the camera at them and they did the rest. 

Everything about this shoot was all we hoped for. A chance to ride around a 4x4 truck, had barbecue outdoors with the whole team, captured every detail that is LJ and Dean, and the best part, we gained new friends.”


We’re closing this list off to one of the most famous and best places to have your prenup photoshoot in - Tagaytay. The scenic view, the connection between the lush body of trees and sheer closeness to the sky is just one of the reasons why Tagaytay is included in the go-to places for engaged couples. 

The ambiance, calmness, serenity, and romantic feel is what completes most prenup photoshoots and all of these can be found in Tagaytay.

Thinking Chair Studios - Your Best Choice for your Prenup Photoshoot in the Philippines

Just a small disclaimer, all of the photos used in this article are all from our portfolio and they were taken in the same places they’re highlighted in. To achieve the results you’re seeing, we worked hard with the client and never stopped communicating with them to perfectly understand what their vision for the prenup photoshoot is. Interested? Contact us now and let us bring your ideas to life!

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