Checklist and Ideas for Your Summer Wedding

A wedding is one of the most difficult events to pull off since numerous factors have to align for this to work. Logistics, venue, headcount, design, musical arrangement, and the schedule - all of these lead to massive headaches for most couples. This is why most engaged couples hire wedding organizers that do the heavy lifting for them. Although this may be true, we’ve experienced many weddings and have noticed the way on how couples manage pulling off their weddings without the help of wedding organizers. It’s pretty simple. You just need to be ready. Ready in terms of planning, knowing what you want, and where to get the things that you want. So, to help you here are some summer wedding checklist and ideas just in case you’re planning this type of wedding.

Summer Wedding Ideas and Checklist

In the Philippines, summer weddings are very well known. The sun is sparkling brilliantly with practically no peril of downpour - the tropicality of the location is very pronounced. Another good point about summer weddings is that most people are free or are willing to take some time off work for that needed summer vacation - which is extremely helpful for out of town weddings.

Without further ado, here are some summer wedding ideas and checklist help you succeed in pulling off a magical and special summer wedding.

The Location

Having the right venue for your wedding is one of the most important factors you have to consider. Finalizing the location also enables you to focus on other tasks such as buying the needed decorations and having the plan to arrange them by your tastes.

There are many locations to choose from, but at the end of the day it’s the couple that decides this ultimately. Would you like it to be a beach wedding? Would you like it to be a church wedding? Or are you feeling really good about having a garden wedding? There are a myriad of choices for you to choose from and knowing & choosing the location you’re happy with will make your wedding more unique and memorable for the both of you.

The Souvenirs and Decors

Not all weddings give out souvenirs but if you would like to give your guests something to remember your wedding by, you can choose souvenirs that go with the theme of your summer wedding. Items such as keychains or plants are great souvenirs. However, if you would like to take the hassle of the logistics of your souvenirs, you can choose to set up a photobooth that instantly gives your guests something to remember your wedding by. 

Decor is also something you have to take note of. If you want your wedding to have a natural, rustic, and homely, you can opt to have wooden seats and tables, the color of your decor should also be themed appropriately, and the minor details such as the vases, placemats, etc should also be in line to the theme you’re going for.

Lastly, it’s not a wedding without the flowers. Your bride should be holding a beautiful bouquet and the venue should have beautiful flower arrangements. For summer weddings, the flowers of choice would be sunflowers, roses, orchids, and many more.

The Food

Lastly, food should be served at the reception. Without the finest cuisine, your wedding would not be complete. Some choices for summer weddings would be grilled meats, seafood, and salads. All of these are essential to keeping your guests happy while also completing the overall atmosphere for your wedding. Since it’s a summer wedding, serving cold desserts such as ice cream is also a great way to cool down your guests while adhering to the theme. 

Beverage is also an important factor to consider since a summer day is hotter compare to your average day. Keeping your guests cool and refreshed is imperative for you and offering them unlimited cold drinks such as juices, alcoholic beverages, or some simple refreshments will do the trick

Key Takeaway

Your summer wedding will not be complete without you and your husband or wife to be. So make sure to load up on vitamins since you wouldn’t want to get sick before or during your wedding day.

There are a lot of summer wedding ideas to choose from and you also have to take note of your budget. Plan, budget, scout, and repeat. That’s the winning formula for you to have a successful summer wedding.

Lastly, your summer wedding wouldn’t be complete without the wedding photographers that memorialize your special day. Thinking Chair Studios is here to help you make your ideas to reality. Check out our portfolio and you can contact us immediately so we can help you conceptualize the wedding of your dreams!

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