Creative Wedding Photography Ideas to Inspire You

More often than not, there’s a set standard for most wedding photographs - the bride should look as beautiful as possible, the groom should look cool and classy. While this standard is not a bad idea, originality and uniqueness are also important for wedding photographs. Your wedding photographs SHOULD have a story behind it so that when you flaunt the photographs to your family and friends, you’ll have an awesome story to talk about.

With that said, here are some creative wedding photography ideas to inspire you to think outside the box to be as original and unique as possible for your special moment!

  • Silhouette
  • Silhouettes are terribly underrated since they usually don’t contain the details that the soon-to-be bride and groom are flaunting. However, a carefully positioned silhouette can make the difference between a good photo and a great one. 

    Here’s a great example of a silhouette shot from one of our beloved clients, Louie and Joey. No detail can be seen from their clothes but the photo exudes romance, serenity, and love. If this was not a silhouette shot, it would just be another photo at the beach for the lovely couple - which we didn’t want to happen since we wanted to memorialize their special moment forever.

  • Candid, In-between Moments
  • Sometimes, the greatest wedding or prenup photos are those taken during unexpected times. The soon-to-be bride and groom not ready for the photo? Take the photo still. You never know how great the outcome would be. 

    Beauty, love, and the most genuine emotions come from the times where we are not ready. And that’s perfectly encapsulated by our lovable clients, Rocky and Jade. It seems as though Rocky told a funny joke to Jade and she couldn’t hold her laughter in. Guess what? It resulted in a great, genuine shot for the couple.

  • Wall Art
  • We believe that a great photo isn’t just about the couple but all the details contained in the photo. This means that the unlikeliest of backgrounds can also result in a photo that you’ll be proud to show and flaunt to your family and friends.

    This is what exactly Kumar and Alyssa did for their wedding photoshoot. They made use of the wall art to (aside from celebrating their marriage) celebrate their nationalism. Displayed in the wall’s painting is Jose Rizal, the Philippines’ national hero holding a bottle of booze. This picture says a thousand words and we’re sure Kumar and Alyssa will be happy to explain why they wanted to take a photo in front of this amazing piece of art.

  • The Streets
  • The greatest photos can be taken in the unlikeliest of places. It only needs a little bit of creativity, the perfect angle, and the subjects that just radiate love and joy. A mere street that hundreds of people walk on can be the setting for a couple’s best wedding photograph. And this is what Ten and Javey had.

    An intersection in Japan, used by hundreds of people daily, became the location for a great prenup shot. This specific photo just encapsulates Ten and Javey’s unity, love, creativity, and sophistication. Who knew a random intersection could lead to an amazing shot of the couple?

  • Quirky
  • Lastly, one of the greatest shots we had the honor to take was with LJ and Dean. For their photoshoot, there was just one thing on their mind: have fun. And that’s what they did. They showed their fun and quirky personality all throughout the shoot and you can see it in the photos we took.

    They just let loose and did whatever pose came into their minds and whatever get-up they could think of. And you know what? We all had FUN during the shoot and you can feel it in their photos. Sometimes, the most creative and unique shots come from the photo subjects just letting loose and having fun.

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