Why You Need a Professional Wedding Photographer - Benefits and More

You’ve prepared everything you needed for your much-awaited wedding day. The catering, the venue, the guests - everything! Except for your official photographer. You might think that any photographer can do it since they’re JUST taking a photo. Well, you’re making a huge mistake. 

A professional Photographer’s job isn’t that easy. It’s not just about taking photos. It’s about capturing the emotion felt at the exact moment the photo is taken. The angle where the subjects can express their genuine emotions through the photo. Of course, mastery of the technical aspect such as the lighting, angle, etc. Everything that I’ve just mentioned - you can’t get from an amateur photographer. So, are you convinced? No? Well, here’s a deep dive on the exact benefits that you can get if you hire a professional wedding photographer:

Camera Equipment Knowledge and Expertise

Sure anybody can buy a DSLR or an expensive camera, however, only the accomplished experts can use it to its maximum capacity. You need to enlist the help of a professional wedding photographer because they’re the EXPERTS because of their aptitude for using the equipment and completely use it to its full potential. An amateur wedding photographer can amaze you with their set-up of expensive cameras, lenses, etc. Of course, the hardware is as important as the individuals behind them, but the greatest photos are attributed to the person taking them, not the hardware they used. We suggest you get a professional wedding photographer that has state-of-the-art equipment while having the skills to back them up.

Photography Style

Every photographer has their style with regards to taking and editing photos to come up with the perfect image. However, not all styles fit a specific kind of vision. A professional wedding photographer will know how to work around your vision and expertise. Knowing which style works best for the result that the client wants is tantamount to being a GREAT wedding photographer. 

An amateur would most likely not be able to deliver the kind of results you want since they have limited styles to work with. Asking for a portfolio and aligning with your wedding photographer is important. It sets your expectations as the client while also communicating with the photographer what you want. It’s a matter of them finding ways on how to make your vision come to life and it’s your job to find the photographer that matches the style that you want.


The above-mentioned were all about your professional wedding photographer having the proper skill set to get the job done. However, another benefit that you can have if you hire a professional wedding photographer is their years of experience working in the industry. Experiencing any kind of mishap or hiccups that could happen during the shoot is what makes photographers grow since they have to work around those hiccups to still give their clients the desired result.

This makes professional wedding photographers as reliable as you can imagine. No matter what kind of hiccup you experience, you can be sure to rely on the photographer to find a solution to the problem and continue with a smooth process of documenting and memorializing your important day.

You Get More Than What You Pay for With Thinking Chair Studios

Of course, everything that we’ve highlighted above is for one simple reason - to help you find the best professional wedding photographers in the Philippines! Thinking Chair Studios is here to help you memorialize and capture one of the most important days of your lives. We are a small team of photographers molded by creativity and innovation where their passion lies in creating uniquely personal and emotion-filled photos. Their work makes you understand who you are and how you see yourself.

Sit down, think, be creative, visualize, and let us turn your ideas into reality. That’s what Thinking Chair Studios is all about and that’s the reputation we have with all of our clients. Oftentimes, reality is so far from what we envision, but we at Thinking Chair Studios do not believe in this. Don’t believe us? Check out our portfolio and listen to the stories that all the photos are trying to tell.

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